Robot Calibration

Robot calibration is the process of identifying the real geometrical parameters in the kinematic structure of a robot, such as the relative position of joint links in the robot.

Robot calibration improves the accuracy of robots programmed offline (Offline Programming).

With RoboDK you can accomplish robot calibration in less than 20 minutes and achieve a position accuracy of 0.200 mm. Once a robot has been calibrated you can generate accurate robot programs offline using RoboDK's simulation and offline programming tools.

RoboDK calibration key features

  • Automated generation of measurements and acquisition

  • Automated collision avoidance

  • Works with any 3D or 6D measurement system

  • Calibrate any robot with up to 30 parameters

  • Robot accuracy can be improved by a factor of 10

  • Support for over 1000 robots

  • Programs are automatically filtered to improve accuracy

Improve robot accuracy to 0.200 mm

Robot calibration steps

  • Base calibration (25 measurements)

  • Tool calibration (25 measurements)

  • Robot calibration (80 measurements)

  • Validation (40-100 measurements)

Learn more about the benefits of robot machining with a calibrated robot in this article.

Extensive library

RoboDK supports over 1000 robots from 50 different manufacturers

  • Generate programs for your robot controller with just a few clicks

  • Easily model and synchronize additional axes

Find your robot in the RoboDK library

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Robot Calibration Applications

Robot machining


Robot dispensing


Robot inspection


Robot drilling


Robot cutting


Robot Welding


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