Online Programming in Real Time

Robot arm in events

How a small company succeeded using simulation software and online programming

EventRobotics, a company based in the Netherlands, is innovating in the event industry by using industrial robots. EventRobotics uses RoboDK software for robot simulation, offline programming and online programming! Contrary to offline programming (where the robot program is simulated and generated in advance), it is now possible to move the robots directly from the computer as the movement is being simulated in real time.

Real time online programming allows executing the movements on the real robot at the same time as it is being simulated. Modifications in the original program can be made in real time and synchronization between robots can be easily managed. This is achieved by using RoboDK Software.

In the first event, Supremacy 2016, two KUKA KR 210 robots were used in synchronized motion to move lights together with music. RoboDK allows modifying the robot path as it is being executed in a loop, then, the real robot arm can follow the movement in the simulation.

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