Instant Portraits By Your Neighbourhood Robot

Robot drawing portraits


Visitors and locals touring around Munich, Germany in June, 2016 may have come across an impressive instant automated drawing stand at Vodafone Flagship Store München prepared by CMOCOS using RoboDK and a KUKA Robotics IIWA robot. The project attracted crowds and allowed visitors to have their portrait drawn by a robot. They looked fantastic! How did it all work behind the scenes?

First, a picture of the customer was taken with a Huawei P9 Leica Dual camera and converted into an svg image. From there, CMOCOS used RoboDK’s simulation software to automate the portrait printing from the svg image. RoboDK was used to create and simulate the robot path using offline programming tools and send it to the robot automatically. With those few simple tools, customer after customer had their portrait magically appear by this artistic robot.





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  1. Looks really great.
    Anyone can explain me about how the conversion happening from SVG image to robot program. I know that they are using offline simulation tools for this conversion. But I need a detailed explanation about how to do that.

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